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Polycom SoundStation IP6000 as a Trixbox Extension

Polycom SoundStation IP6000 as a Trixbox Extension

Setting up Polycom SoundStation IP6000 as a Trixbox Extension

After countless hours (days!) searching for the best method of doing this, I finally managed to get it working correctly.

Firstly you need a p.c connected to the same network to act as a TFTP server.

Then go to the Polycom website:


Download the latest BootRom and Sip releases. Put both of these folders on to the TFTP server.

Now to the IP6000 itself:

These are the following steps to set up so that we can do a firmware upgrade.

  • Power up the phone and press the button labelled SETUP
  • Phone will ask for a password this is 456 (Default Admin Password)
  • Using the arrow keys scroll down to the server menu then press select
  • Change the server type to Trivial FTP, by highlighting the server type then pressing select then using the arrow keys to change to the correct one.
  • Press select.
  • Use the arrow keys to go down to the server address, press select enter the ip address of the p.c. setup as the TFTP server.
  • Press select then exit.
  • Press exit a couple of times, it will ask you to save the config. Save it. The phone will then reboot.


The firmware will upload when the phone reboots, just make sure your TFTP server is running before you reboot your phone. Then turn it off after the firmware has been uploaded (otherwise you will lose all settings that you are about to input)


To configure your phone using the web interface:

After your phone reboots, you can use any compatible browser to configure

your phone

  • To get your phone’s IP address, do one of the following:

 a) Check the welcome screen after the phone reboots, the IP Address is

shown here.

b) Press the Menu key, and then selecting Status > Platform > Phone.

Scroll down to see the IP address.

  • Enter your phone’s IP address in the browser address bar.

Then follow the instructions given in the following quick tip from Polycom


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